iHealth Align Glucometer



iHealth Align. About the size of a quarter, this portable glucometer fits easily into your pocket and attaches directly to your smartphone or tablet for fast, accurate readings whenever, wherever.

  • Only needs 0.7 microliters of blood
  • Reads a blood glucose test strip in 5 seconds
  • Syncs it simultaneously to the iHealth Gluco App
  • Stores 500 offline readings
  • Shows charts and trends to better understand the results
  • Show you if your readings are within your required range
  • Export your data and share it with your doctor
  • Affordable test strips
  • Measuring method: Amperometric technology using glucose oxidase
  • Single patient use for self-testing only
  • Use only iHealth Test Strips
  • Machine Size: 2.03” x 1.17” x 0.37”

ihealth align

ihealth align

ihealth align

ihealth align

ihealth alignihealth alignihealth align

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